How We Work

We are not travel agents. We are travel consultants. We are quite a bit different in that we work for our clients in the travel planning process.  In order to maximize our time and expertise we follow a process with our clients to ensure that your travel needs and expectations are met.

The first step in the process once you have enquired about a trip is to set up either an in person or phone consultation with all of the decision makers in the trip.  This may be one person or it may be multiple.  It is important for us to meet with all of the decision makers to ensure that the planning goes as smooth as possible and that all parties involved have an active part in the planning process from the beginning.  During this consultation we want to get to know you and your travel style.  We ask a lot of questions and explain our planning process.

After the first step, we can determine if we will be a good fit for your travel needs.  If both parties agree to move forward we require a commitment consultation fee from you to move forward.

Once you have contracted our services we begin putting together a customized itinerary based on what was discussed during the consultation.  This will be presented to you for review and amendments can be done as needed until we have an itinerary that you fulfills your travel wishes.  At this time we can secure arrangements with a deposit and the balance of our consultation fee.

The third step in the process is when we begin making reservations and recommendations specific to your trip.  Whether they be dining, spa, excursions, villa stocking, or babysitting, we take care of all of the details.  Final payment is usually due anywhere from 6 months to 2 months prior to your departure date.  This varies based on supplier.

A few weeks prior to departure we will present you with your final documents, including all reservations and arrangements that have been made.  We offer a mobile interactive itinerary for those clients that wish to have it as well.

Upon your return we will follow up with you to get your feedback and to discuss any future travel needs you may have.

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