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2014 Weekly Tax Tips

Will the lame-duck Congress revive expired tax breaks for 2014?

How higher-bracket taxpayers can take advantage of the 0% long-term capital gains rate

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Donating appreciated stock can offer substantial tax benefits

Maximizing depreciation deductions in an uncertain tax environment

Watch out for the wash sale rule

Careful tax planning critical for RSUs and other stock-based compensation

How to protect yourself from underpayment penalties

Is your business ready for play or pay?

Vacation home owners: Adjusting rental vs. personal use might save taxes

Grandchild in college this fall? Paying tuition could save gift and estate taxes

“Bunch” miscellaneous itemized deductions to reduce your tax bill

Installment sales offer both pluses and minuses

Is a Roth IRA conversion right for you this year?

Give and receive with a charitable remainder trust

2 tax pitfalls of mutual funds

Have you misclassified employees as independent contractors?

Why you need to know the value of your assets

If you’ve put your home on the market, you need to know the tax consequences of a sale

Consider the Sec. 83(b) election to save tax on restricted stock awards

Who’s subject to the 50% limit on meal and entertainment deductions?

What to do with your old retirement plan when you change jobs

3 tax traps when donating real estate to charity

Employers: Have you amended your FSA plan?

Don’t lose tax benefits when combining business travel with vacation pleasure

Three strategies can help you soften the blow of higher taxes on trust income

Your 2013 tax return is filed. What tax records can you toss?

Don’t inadvertently miss filing deadlines

Can I claim my elderly parent as a dependent?

It’s not too late to make a 2013 contribution to an IRA

Your 2013 return may be your last chance for two depreciation related breaks

Don’t overlook reinvested dividends

Could deducting state and local sales taxes save you more?

Short-term ACA relief now available for midsize and large employers

There’s still time to get substantiation for 2013 donations

Home office deduction 101

Will Congress revive expired tax breaks?