Renee Ebersole

Director Sales & Marketing

Renee Ebersole is Morison Cogen’s Director of Sales and Marketing. Her primary responsibilities are to formulate and execute the company’s internal and external marketing initiatives for new business development and client retention, with a focus on creative and strategic planning, targeted advertising, and positive public relations.

Prior to joining Morison Cogen in 2004, Renee held various marketing and investor relations positions spanning several industries, including medical, banking, education/training, and manufacturing. Over the past 20 years, she has also consulted with numerous start-up companies and small businesses, helping them develop and implement marketing strategies and branding programs focused on business goal achievement.

Renee is a graduate of West Chester University. She is a member of the Main Line Chamber of Commerce and presently serves on the Board of Directors of Colonial Soccer Club.

“Through targeted marketing, we are able to meet our clients precisely at their point of need.”

Renee Ebersole
Direct: +1.267.440.3048
Fax: +1.267.440.3148

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